Bringing the power of plant-diversity to our table.

Our vision is to empower individuals to lead fulfilling, more vibrant lives by embracing the art of plant-based cooking at home. We believe that the simple act of preparing and enjoying delicious, plant-powered meals has the power to transform lives and elevate well-being.

About Me

As a Jamaican born in the UK who grew up in the UAE. A lot of key Jamaican ingredients were hard to find. A lot of the time I had to cook without scotch bonnets, yams, and chocho. Which made my family work harder to preserve Jamaican flavours. My family mixed their own spices and made their own marinades. Jamaicans are known for being able to cook with whatever is available and that drive to preserve and adapt has followed me into my plant-based cooking. 

I started sharing plant-based meals online for myself and everyone looking for alternatives to cultural favorites. Majority of my recipes are Jamaican inspired but you will notice other recipes are influenced by travel and great people I met in my life.  No matter what our cultural background is or lifestyle is, I wanted to demonstrate that there is a way to diversify the plants in our food without compromising on flavour.